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Monday's Poem

Susan McCaslin is a prizewinning poet, author of eleven volumes of poetry, including her most recent, Demeter Goes Skydiving (University of Alberta Press, 2011). In Oct. of 2011 she published a book of essays with short poems titled Arousing the Spirit. Susan is Faculty Emeritus of Douglas College in New Westminster, B..C, where she taught English and Creative Writing for twenty-three years. She is currently living in Victoria, B.C.

© 2011 Susan McCaslin

Leaves Leaving

imprint their faces on the trail
like prostrate Sufis after
the big cosmological spin

some pressed down to earth,
some up to sky, kissing,
such drowsy kissing

oblivious to stems, the veins
that brought them living water—
now they lie mashed, flattened

leaf of gold, melded with ground
like a pastiche I made as a child
when teacher had me gather leaves

press them into a book,
stare into their wide-open faces
grown suddenly larger overnight

larger than the heads of grown ups,
deer, or even the imagined bear,
broad-leafed maple stars

sodden and trodden and longing,
such mottled faces,
soon to be holy dust