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Monday's Poem

Photo: Vivian Kereki

© 2011 Margaret Doyle

End of the Alphabet
(for Zero)

I wake to read your words
I am in the world this way now—
Coffee, no cigarette, and you.

Waking no longer wounded
But longing, to look again at my name
Sewn into syllables and deep vowels

And open ended questions that need
Answering: Will you love me?

Waking slowly to your name
As though tattooed on my eyelids
That flutter open each day
To the end of the alphabet.


Margaret Doyle's poems and non-fiction work have been published in Midwifery Today, The Poetry Conspiracy, Suncoaster, and Chiron Review. Margaret has written three plays, one of which was Winter Variations, a one woman show she performed and produced with her theatre company on the Sunshine Coast. She appeared in the Erotica anthology from Ascent Publishing and Monday Magazine's 'Singles' issue; she is currently working on her first book of fiction and will be teaching digital storytelling at Royal Roads this fall and spring. She lives on Vancouver Island.    twitter: @magsedoyle