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Monday's Poem

Glen Sorestad has had over 20 books of poetry published, the latest of which are Road Apples (Rubicon Press, 2009) and What We Miss (Thistledown Press, 2010). His poems have appeared in over 50 anthologies and have been translated into a half-dozen languages. Sorestad has been made a Life Member of both The League of Canadian Poets and of The Saskatchewan Writers' Guild. In 2010 he was made a Member of the Order of Canada.

© 2011 Glen Sorestad

Suspension of Belief

Cables, ropes and wooden slats
create a seemingly fragile
sagging arc high above
the crash and dash
of Capilano Canyon.
I am five.

In my eyes this is not
a bridge—but rather,
some adult deceit
designed to instill fear
in a small boy.

Father takes my hand,
envelopes it in warmth,
strength and security
a child comes to accept
as truth. "Come on,"
he says.

I step forward.
Beneath my feet
my faith and my trust
teeter and sway
side to side,
nothing beneath me
but a void
my fear has filled.

"No," I say.