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Monday's Poem

© 2011 Angela Cowan

Angela Cowan is a third year student at VIU majoring in Creative Writing. This year she is thrilled to be on both sides of the desk for the university's literary magazine Portal, with having a poem published and serving as poetry co-editor for the forthcoming issue. She has two previous Monday's Poems and has had poetry published in Synergy. Between poems, Angela is writing a YA fantasy trilogy entitled "Rue's Crossings," and was recently awarded the Meadowlark Award for Fiction. Her blog, Would You Like A Cup of Tea? celebrates all things creative, and can be found at She also lives to bake.

One Night Stand

Strains of a lovingly strummed guitar seep through the thin walls,
a single curl of smoke rising from the cigarette
wavering with every rumble of the semis that drive by outside.
The bed's been empty for a week,
the sheets in the same disarray you left them.

I sleep on the chair in the corner and wake
with the dawn, staring at the fading imprint of your body in the blankets.