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Monday's Poem

© 2010 Thelma Irvine

Thelma Irvine developed her interest in writing poetry after retirement. Her book Where the River Ran, published by Touchwood Editions, presents the history of the Peace River region in a sequence of short stories and poems. Recently, she self-published Common Threads, a free verse account of a Canadian family's journey throughout a Canadian century.

Vancouver 2010

Spirits, hiding

in snow-laden branches, emerge

from frozen hills to banish spring from the city.

They spin in the air

         bounce on moguls

                   push athletes to excellence

                              and freeze, for a time, a young woman's tears.

They bring winter into our homes:

         gleaming ice is etched by blades

                    arcs of snow hide chattering skis

                             crowds shout at thudding pucks, and roar

                                       at clacking rocks of granite.

They haunt the city with circles of gold,

fan a flame that continues to burn,

and vanish, like a dream,

to their dormant