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Monday's Poem

© 2010 Mary Ann Mulhern

Mary Ann Mulhern is a Windsor teacher and poet.
Four books of her poetry have been published by Black Moss Press.
Touch the Dead and When Angels Weep were both short-listed for the Acorn-Plantos Award. Her most recent book Sleeping with Satan: Salem Witch-hunt, 1692 (Black Moss Press) brings the Salem witch hunt into contemporary focus.

Marty Gervais Photo

Nude Cyclists in Toronto

we order cappacino topped with chocolate
at Bar L'Espresso Mercurio
when the lunch crowd rushes to windows
reflections of nude cyclists, rhythms of
gods and goddesses from another time
Hera and Zeus, Apollo and Athena
incarnate, blessed with beauty and youth
pointing to our Akhilles
fire beneath the sea
fish and fowl drowned in oil
a million tar balls pitched
onto sacred sands
planet earth slowly sucked into a grave
marked by my shiny new van
stalled on the edge