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Monday's Poem

Kevin Gillam is a West Australian poet with poems published in numerous Australian and overseas journals. He has had two books of poems published, both by SunLine Press, Other Gravities in 2003 and permitted to fall in 2007. He works as a secondary school music teacher, free-lance 'cellist and conductor, and is married with two step-children.

© 2010 Kevin Gillam

in the end

in the end when he went it was
so quick. in the end he was seated
in kitchen chair, as if

writing a letter, as if listening
to the wireless, as if thinking.
in the end he was in

sandals and white singlet with
slicked back white hair, mouth slightly

ajar as if beginning to speak.
in the end it was the shell
of him, the carapace,

the very empty box of him.
in the end he wasn't there,
me ready to tell him I was