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Monday's Poem

© 2010 Karen P. Ouellette

Karen P. Ouellette's poetry is influenced by her work with the disabled and by years of (Cecchetti) ballet training. She has read her poems at Wayzgoose (U of W), CBC Radio, and at various schools & venues throughout Ontario and Michigan. Karen's poetry is published in Whetstone, Kaleidoscope, Windsor Review, Quills Magazine, Leaf Press (Monday's Poem), The Saving Bannister: HM, and by Black Moss Press and Cranberry Tree Press. Karen is a member of The League of Canadian Poets and is one of the "five poets" presented in both: A Thousand Yellow Leaves (2004), and Tongues of Whitewashed Stone (2008).

Tracing Sundays

As the strong scent
of fresh-perked coffee
from my favourite
chipped cup,
I sit at the scarred table;
trace generations
of scratches,
homework scribbles,
parts of precious poems
into polished wood,
my fingers reading
the initial D
carved from a knothole
by my kid brother
when he was ten,
my hands smoothing
love's maple wounds
where candles shivered,
sometimes singed,
while raised goblets
spilled sticky
  -sweet splashes of red...
for I can feel
the warm Sunday-faces
that grow deeper
like the grain
of our gathering place.