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Monday's Poem

© 2010 Jude Neale

    Jude Neale's first book of poetry is called The Perfect Word Collapses. She has been featured frequently with Ascent Aspirations Magazine and was recently awarded an honourable mention for her short story submission in the 2010 winter edition. Jude has just completed her second book of poetry, Inside Out, which explores and chronicles the compelling journey of a mother struggling with bipolar illness.
     When Jude isn’t writing she is giving vocal concerts, where she enjoys sharing her rich mezzo-soprano voice with others. She lives with her partner, three cats, and one dog on a small island near Vancouver, Canada.

A Mother Remembers Her Son

In memory of Michel Trudeau

I can't close my eyes but to see you
hair caught with ice,
anchored to this heart break like a star

My hands clamp shut silent pleas
of 'if only's'

I am brought
to this open hole of loss
like a comet from some unknown body.

To heave up the unforgivable—
that one day
my heart,
would still
all songs of charity.

Someone else, dear God,
someone else.

I crouch alone
bent low by disbelief

searching for you in photos
and stick figured cards
carefully signed

I sleep with your sweater
wrapped round my indigo grief

Oh, my little boy,
let me just see you,
hold you,
warm you,
in this rock songed culvert
where my cries
come back to me,
like the coal black crows,

on this soft bed of snow.