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Monday's Poem

© 2010 Joanne Ellison

Joanne is a teacher and poet who is currently teaching in the lush, hot country of Ghana, West Africa. Although she has not found any gold yet, she keeps hoping a small stash will appear before she returns to Canada. She has been published previously in event magazine, rubicon press (broadsheet), and upcoming in CV2.


These days I hope to do what sages say:
rid myself of ego; erase the monster I
I want to be a selfless place for you to stay.

I'm thinking this week, maybe Saturday,
we could rendezvous chez moi, objectively
decide if I'm doing what the sages say.

Then, once I've practiced pushing self away
I'll take you on, you'll be me, and I'll be you.
I'll be the selfless place for you to stay.

Trouble is … if I am you, and you're still you—
that means there's double you, but none of I.
That's the rub in doing what the sages say.

I truly want to keep my monstrous I at bay
but desperately I need to know what wise guy
picked only me to be a selfless place to stay.

Here's a perfect solution, I daresay.
You erase first, then me, then you … alternately.
Then we'll both be doing what the sages say.
Two selfless places we can cuddle up and stay.