publishing poetry only

Monday's Poem

© 2010 Jane Mellor

A graduate from Simon Fraser University's The Writers Studio in Vancouver, British Columbia, Jane was host and organizer of TWS Reading Series, a monthly literary event for notable and emerging international authors.

Her poetry has been published in Quills Canadian Poetry Magazine, emerge, TWS website, and The Toronto Quarterly. Her poetry manuscript is out for consideration.


I've turned to page 4 and the wind has already picked up.
Ahead an overhang, sculpted oaks. Their crooked limbs
decorate the sound around the bay where we're to embark.
Then, past the ess-curve, surprise!
A cluster of cypress. Dark, moody, they hinge on seas cliff,
linger above the isthmus, shout out wait for me my darling
and the lone dwarf-pine looks up from time to time,
gestures (in earnest?), clutches a rocky shore shimmering,
or shivering? Lusty emerald needles.

You held your surprise for too long after I turned the page.