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Monday's Poem

Photo: Brendan Doyle

© 2009 Margaret Doyle


This morning at the wood pile—
a crow or raven?

flutters black overhead
then is gone.

Now a day full of longing
from some umbilical place

as though my infancy
could be explained by wings.


Margaret Doyle's poems and non-fiction work have been published in Midwifery Today, The Poetry Conspiracy, Suncoaster, Chiron Review, and last year she was honoured to be chosen as a Monday's poet by Leaf Press. When not writing poetry, Margaret is often visited by dialogue and has written three plays, one of which was Winter Variations, a one woman show she performed and produced with her theatre company on the Sunshine Coast. More recently, Margaret appeared in the Erotica anthology from Ascent Publishing and Monday Magazine's 'Singles' issue in November, 2008. Currently, the voice of Queen Elizabeth I is taking up most of her spare time as she finishes a one act play titled, The Queen's Bedroom, which gives voice to the female ruler during the last few weeks of her life. Margaret will be appearing as a featured poet in November 2009 at Wordstorm where she will perform her latest work which she feels are best suited to spoken-word. She lives on Vancouver Island.