publishing poetry only

Monday's Poem

Karen Klassen is happiest when she is writing poetry in the tropics. She currently lives in Grasswood, SK. Her work has also appeared in 'Cahoots.'

© 2009 Karen Klassen


one day you are dangling upside down
knees hooked over monkey bars
pliable as licorice
your t-shirt crumples
an accordion around your neck

the following recess
all the t-shirts you once knew
Helen, Ester, Tamara even Wendy
have swollen

soft boiled eggs clasped in cotton shells
bounce inside of beige membranes
huddle under umbrellas
unhook whispers about who got it

your uncooked eggs
still need incubation
sweat in thick ropes of cable knit

boys taut, taunt
remind you of your flatware
their wide eyes hinged
on budding cups
a sudden interest in ABC's

arms cross your heart
a new habit
pulling shoulders to your chin

your eyes drift over to the monkey bars
wistful wishes for childhood
strangled by thin straps and