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Monday's Poem

Jessica Michalofsky writes, teaches, and parents in Victoria B.C. She is published in Canadian journals such as Event, the Malahat Review, and CV2, and in chapbooks. She is currently working in short fiction.

© 2009 Jessica Michalofsky

Simple Sonnet

She walks down to the water
looking for answers
and on a slippery ledge of black basalt
uses words like investigate and conspicuous
to lay open a brachiopod:
pries open the secreted shell, soft fleshy body,
muscular stock, coiled ridges and the ciliated groove
that sweeps food into the open mouth.

She wants answers that are simple,
primitive, propel and feed,
discharge and excrete in the cold, unfathomable
enlargement called the heart.
Desire is always furthest from what we know.
She wakes herself with her own breath, gasping.