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© 2007 Winona Baker


Writer's Epitaph

Once she was in love with words,
Now she lies 'neath grass and stray dog's turds;
On her stone three letters that spell RIP,
Death sent no rejection slip.

Winona Baker has written six books: Not So Scarlet A Woman and Clouds Empty Themselves were recommended for adult literacy courses by ABPBC in 88 & 89; Moss-Hung Trees received a Romanian award; Beyond The Lighthouse was one of ten NA poetry books Michael Budeja chose for his annual "Read & Recommended" column in Writers' Digest (94), Even a Stone Breathes was among the ten poetry books listed in the Encyclopaedia Britannica Books of Year 2000 supplement on Canadian literature. Her most recent book is The Slough--A Prairie Childhood from Leaf Press.
Baker has won humorous, free verse, and sonnet contests, is in over 80 hc/pb anthologies, and work has been translated into six languages.