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Monday's Poem

Author photo by Kath Curran

Link: Cry Poetry

© 2007 Thomas Brown


Southeaster sank the skiff
twelve feet of silver metal on its side
left hanging in the water by a line just
waiting for a fisherman
                                a yellow air-raft
skittered down our little lake
and into memory
                        such a blow
the ducks tucked heads low rode the waves
while water spouts danced all along the surface
until tension broke
                          the sun
came over easy steamed the sidewalks
tricked us into going out to search for wayward bits—
a yellow tube of nothing jammed beneath a jetty
far from where it first took flight

                                             who knew the wind
could turn so fast and slam us from the northwest
drive us home with winter pellets pinging off our ears
the ducks have seen all this before
                                                they ride
the waves in close and hold their place unruffled
while the tempest tears a float free from its anchor
slams it hard against the shore — there won't be much to save
by morning
                now's the time for dog and man
to settle near the fire contemplate the folly
of our brief existence
                              wonder whether
yellow rafts can ever find their way
back home

Tom Brown is currently conducting experiments in quantum non-locality by living in two cities at once. He can frequently be found on BC Ferries travelling between his house in Nanaimo and his apartment in Vancouver where he works at the university; there have also been reliable reports of sightings of the elusive writer on the #257 Horseshoe Bay Express. Because his life was not frenetic enough, at the age of 50 he enrolled in a program of doctoral studies hoping thereby to fill his idle moments — a project that now seems likely to occupy him for the rest of his natural life. These studies have brought to his attention certain scientific findings that have made him quite concerned about the status of the Schrödinger family cat. He does claim to be more of a dog man at heart, but in view of his long and frequent absences from home his beagle increasingly finds his protestations unconvincing. Tom's publishing credits consist of a single chapbook Cry Poetry published by Leaf Press. His two book-length manuscripts will be available in print just as soon as the publishing industry comes to its senses. It shouldn't be long now.