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Monday's Poem

Glen Sorestad is a Saskatoon poet with a decided penchant for travel: earlier this year he was in Costa Rica and now he has just returned from Portugal. His latest poetry volumes are Language of Horse (Coracle Press, 2007) and Halo of Morning (Leaf Press, 2006).

© 2007 Glen Sorestad

Early Morning Dog

The neighbour's dog is yapping.
Only it's four a.m. and the sound
yanks me from the wildest depths
of sleep's incredible ongoing fiction.

Had I not relinquished my guns
long ago, I would be tempted
to fire a twelve-guage blast to shatter
this beast's banal spirit-world,

send the poor beast thunder-struck
to cower beneath the table.
I would never harm this irksome mutt -
I've given up killing any creatures.

It's just that now I'm awake
I'd like to know what that damn fool
finds so intriguing it has to scrape
the walls of night with its jarring voice.

Is it the way the moon has tilted?
Perhaps some lascivious dog star
has winked several times right at it?
Does it yelp out of sheer dog-ness?

Whatever the reason, the dog now
has me fully awake. I might as well
take up pen and notebook, try to
capture my own barks and howls.