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Monday's Poem

Christian McPherson's first collection of short stories, Six Ways to Sunday (Nightwood Editions) came out April 2007. He lives in Ottawa with his beautiful wife and two kids.

Poetry that is pretentious and has no soul, I have no time for. Hence, I don't have time for a lot of poetry. I try to write poems from the heart and from the gut. The more personal the poem, the better it's going to be.


© 2007 Christian McPherson

The Race to Nowhere

On my elliptical
in my basement
surrounded by
recycling boxes
Halloween decorations
beer empties
I pump away
fighting the middle aged

I think of my father
at my age now
fatter than me
really starting to
put it on

and I imagine
him there
with his curly perm
and white undershirt
and blue shorts
on his
70's stationary

and we start
to race

dad's legs
flying around
like an eggbeater
in batter

looking like
a cross-country
ski maniac

we go hard

dad's face turns red
as he stands up
on the pedals
leaning over
the handlebars

he throws me
a smile
that says
he is winning

I push harder
dripping sweat
legs on fire

his legs are a blur

my heart is beating out of my chest

then   BEEP

my machine tells me
it's over
I'm done
I burned my 800 calories

dad sits back down
and puts his arms up
in victory

my legs slow
to a stop

dad laughs
and fades
and I think
maybe I'll live
a little longer
than he did.