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Barbara Pelman teaches English at a Victoria high school and promises her students that they can't graduate until they love poetry. Her first book of poetry, One Stone was published in May 2005 by Ekstasis Editions. She also has four chapbooks published by Quay Words Press, and her poems are included in many of the Leaf Press chapbooks of the Glenairley poets. She is a regular at the Open Mike at Black Stilt Cafe (formerly Mocambo) and has been a featured reader. When not marking endless assignments, she attends dance classes, contemplates learning to tango and maybe even to cook.

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© 2007 Barbara Pelman

Nothing Between Us

I have woven a parachute
out of everything broken

                                  W. Stafford

There was nothing between us, really:
some walks through the ravine,
one evening full of stars:
Orion, Draco, Deneb,
Casseopia, a day in the bird
sanctuary. We were friends,
typed messages within each other's
emails. We shared nothing
but words and hours, and
I have woven a parachute

out of that nothing, something
to hold us if we stepped together
off the cliff, some flimsy thoughts
to tie onto our backs: but he wants
nothing. And the fall is long
though the scenery on the way down
is familiar. I know the sting
of the rocks to come, the blood
and bruises, and how to make a home
out of everything broken.