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Monday's Poem

Photo by Lucinda Chodan


Maltwood Gallery Exhibit
Atelier de l'Ile

The quote beginning "Who shall paint" is from Leonard Baskin

© 2007 Amy Ainbinder


A rock becomes a stone when touched by a hand.
Don Mackay

"Who shall paint the fruit on the vine?
Others, that's who."
With only two feet
how can I inhabit many worlds?

Paint what is in front of you
underneath, following the maps,
the trails, the tracks.
Crossing like stitched incisions
upon time.

Wars and beauty. Rhythm, no rhyme.
Everything's a poem.


As a visual artist working in mixed media paintings, drawings, sculpture, printmaking, photography, and papermaking for over 30 years, I have used poetry in many of the pieces as titles, inspirations, ideas, and have invited poets to read at my solo shows. I have exhibited in Canada, the U.S., and Dachau, Germany. I began again to write poems and read at the open mike in the fall of 2005 at Mocambopo Cafe in Victoria, B.C. In 2006 my poem, "The Vision of Ezekiel" and the triptych of the same title created in 1991-92 (4 ft. x 3 ft. of mixed media on steel), were included in an exhibition and chapbook entitled The Ezekiel Project (Victoria, B.C.).

For me poetry is visual and I see the visual as having poetic possibilities that reflect the diversity of the human experience, i.e., social concerns, history, the personal as political, aesthetics, sensuality, to name a few. Life, poetry and image making provide a chance to search and find in the process of exploring our world and one another's experiences. Much of my work to date (poetry and visuals) concerns itself with war, genocide, human rights and abuses in the hopes of building bridges of understanding.