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Monday's Poem
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Regina, Saskatchewan resident Tracy Hamon is a writer, mother, student, barber, and poet. Thistledown Press released her first book of poetry This Is Not Eden in April of 2005. In May of 2005, she won the City of Regina Writing Award for a second manuscript of poems and in the fall of 2005, This Is Not Eden was a finalist for two Saskatchewan Book Awards. Her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in numerous literary journals.

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Cunning Conversations

Clematis understands the organ of speech
could befall her name, learns sprawl—

the need of the body to fold
itself in to boundaries placed beside

and beyond, fenced lines she straddles,
her progress a pioneering

of paths not settled by anyone.
Clematis stretches her arms to hold

more than herself, an offering—
sky's taut body unused above,

his clouded washboard abdomen,
a horizon of words smoothing

her cheek, one significant sigh
released in a long-winded draught,

the slip of a hybrid tongue shirring
pink-furrowed petals.