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Monday's Poem

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Karen P. Ouellette writes from Amherstburg, Ontario. Her poems are influenced by years of ballet training and by her work with the disabled. Karen's poetry has appeared in literary journals & anthologies including Whetstone, Kaleidoscope, The Windsor Review, Quills Magazine, and in chapbooks by Cranberry Tree Press, Black Moss Press, Serengeti Press and Leaf Press (2nd place-2005). She is one of the five writers presented in A Thousand Yellow Leaves: Works By Five Poets (2004). Throughout the years, Karen has read her poetry on CBC radio.

© Karen P. Ouellette

Through The Slow-Moving Glass

The day father left
our tree-lined home,
he carried with him
our worried hearts
plus the worn
leather suitcase
of slippers, prescriptions
and a blue-silk robe.

like the oak saplings
he planted,
we stood brave for him
beneath the blues
of a dawn-fisted sky,
the winged seeds
of sycamore dancing
an unknown tune.

Through October's leaves
drifting down,
the slow-moving glass,
we watched him wave
a long goodbye;
held on to his piercing eyes
that faded silent
into misty hues
as the taxi pulled away.