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Monday's Poem

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"Hideto" is from the forthcoming Leaf chapbook called Anecdote by the Glenairely poets.


Little Emperors

© 2006 JoAnn Dionne


Hideto! A voice calls from outside.
I look up from the table, out the window
to jii-chan pacing in the rain.
Round and round a puddle he steps,
house slippers soaked, cardigan drooped.
He calls for his grandson, then
slips in the mud.

Hideto! I shout at the ceiling.
Fluorescent hum and raindrops.

A door creaks open, steps.
your grandpa just fell down.
I know, he says, I was watching him.

JoAnn Dionne grew up in Salmon Arm, B.C. At 16 she won a national essay-writing contest, the prize for which was three years' tuition at any Canadian university. She chose to go to McGill where she earned an honours BA in English. She has been previously published in Prairie Fire Magazine, where she placed second in their 2001 creative non-fiction contest. Her first book, Little Emperors, a memoir of her time in China, was scheduled for release from Beach Holme in 2005 (publication is still pending). She now lives in Victoria and is working on a book about Japan.