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Monday's Poem
Sonia Sorestad photo

Glen Sorestad was the first provincially-appointed Poet Laureate in Canada and served as Saskatchewan's first Poet Laureate from 2000-2004. He is a Life Member of the League of Canadian Poets and his latest collection of poems is Blood & Bone, Ice & Stone (Thistledown, 2005).

© Glen Sorestad

The Old Dance

The first pair of Red-necked Grebes
I've seen this year are on the pond
as I step along the gravel path,
the park walk my morning ritual.
It is spring, the sun is warm.

I cross the small causeway
that divides the pond and see
them swim towards each other,
then rise up from the water,
breast to breast, beak to beak,
their feet furious paddles
propelling them upright
in this showy water ballet.

I am of no consequence here.
It is spring, the sun is warm,
and Nature, everywhere, urges
these annual rites, dances
that sing the mystery of life,
the promise of the season.