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Monday's Poem

Cornelia Hornosty has published three collections of poetry with Borealis Press in Ottawa, and a chapbook with Leaf Press in 2003. A new collection, "Behind a Door," is seeking a home. She is currently singing in Victoria, B.C. in a choir specializing in music of the middle ages, which provides inspiration for new poems.

© Cornelia C. Hornosty

Ordinary Days

Quiet afternoon,
sun shines in,
breezes caress,
trees glow in golden
and my heart gapes—
the hole is large.
Tears flow
then stop, as I remember
you're gone—
voice, warmth, body,
your sad blind eyes,
the tinkle of ice in a glass.
I go out to look for you
among the flowers and cats.
Hollyhocks sway in the wind,
wearing their astonishing,
muted colours—deep wine,
pale wound pink, cream, mauve.
Deep wine, almost black
mocks my exposed
bleeding heart,
just before autumn
moves in.
But I'll go out again
and again
to look for you.