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Monday's Poem

Hendrik Tschoep photo.

© 2006 Claire Sharpe

Moving Pictures

No more than snail parts, coiled
shells hard-packed into a dirt path;
tesserae in the trickling sun.

The wind, its reach
as if through reed beds, manes
of horses drawn to water

in this scrubland of horses
left like ingrained trees to bleach,
bones cocked still; branches.

Claire Sharpe holds an MA in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia. Her poetry has has been accepted for upcoming editions of The Antigonish Review and echolocation, and has appeared in a number of UK magazines including Obsessed With Pipework, Dream Catcher, Staple, Magma, Pulsar, South, and Oxford Magazine. She returned to Canada in September 2005 after spending six months in Holland, and six years in England.

"Moving pictures" was published in Staple 63, Autumn 2005.