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Monday's Poem
Photograph by Melissa Pena

Chip Dameron's fifth collection of poems, Tropical Green, was published by Wings Press (San Antonio, Texas) in 2005. More than a hundred of his poems have appeared in such literary magazines as Mississippi Review, Taos Review, and Southwestern American Literature. For many years he has lived in Brownsville, Texas, where he is a college professor and administrator.

© Chip Dameron

Visit to Wolf House

Despite posted warnings, no rattlesnakes
sine waved across the dirt path leading
to Jack London's folly, stones stacked
around imagined rooms, a glorious ruin
with a weed-choked reflecting pool
in a dry country far from the wet gums
of the sea. The real story of the walk
on the way in was the woman coming
down a hill alongside her two kids
and mother, grinning in the sunlight,
stabbing the earth with her walking stick
as she flung a leg up and out and down,
bound to finish the mile-and-a-half round trip
to the house and grave, her palsy no bar
to her joy and the day of her joy.