The Looking for Love Poems contest

Here is the contest short list in alphabetical order by poet. We will announce the cash prize winners and the chapbook/website decision very soon. Meanwhile we wish to thank once again everyone who took part and trusted us with their poems ... the contest was a fabulous success, both in terms of the quality of the poems we received and the number of people who entered. The fees provided us with the funds to purchase some much-needed equipment. Also, a reminder that everyone who entered the contest will receive a copy of the chapbook.

Ariel Gordon: "Bedding"
Candis Graham: "Bridgewater Retreat"
Charmaine Cadeau: "Song for the girl often overlooked"
Deirdre Dwyer: "Anything is Possible Now"
Diane Tucker: "a black river"
Donna Kane: "A Love Poem for Hands"
Dorothy Mahoney: "when my son writes about his mother"
Gabriel Dey: "Love and Syntax"
Harold Rhenisch: "Watching My Daughters Sleep"
Heather Cardin: "string to bow"
Isa Milman: "Rites of Spring"
Jenna Butler: "michaelmas"
Jennifer Londry: "queen"
Joanna Weston: "Unspoken"
Joelene Heathcote: "Poem for a cat with imperfections"
Karen Koegler: "Prestidigitation
Karen Ouellette: "Pushing Home"
Katy McCuish: "Waiting with the Blue Heron"
Kelda Larsen : "Jackie Just Met"
Kevin Gillam: "L'Isle"
Kristin Sumner: "we can know (baby)"
Linda Martin: "Like Old Septembers"
Marianne Paul: "gracie in love"
Mark Lavorato: "D"
Mary Ellen Sullivan: "Mantle of Spruce"
Mary O'Dell: "Cooling"
Mavis Jones: "Magpie Winter"
Mildred Tremblay: "A Small Pot of Coffee"
Natalie Forman: "Science of Skin"
Pam MacLean: "Hunter"
Patience Wheatley: "Another Surprise"
Paul Schwartzentruber: "One More, Surprising Moment"
Rhona McAdam: "Making Sense"
Richard Arnold: "The Day You Died"
Roz Bound: "The Way You Look Tonight"
Seanan Forbes: "Skipping Fingers"
Shelley Leedahl: "Darling, all is not lost"
Susan Ioannou: "Long Love"
Susan Stenson: "Two Crows and a Marriage" and "Love Poem"