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May 2011 | 4.25 x 5.5 | 24 pp | 978-1-926655-26-0 | $12.00

Self Storage

A Poetry Chapbook by John Pass

An elegy for the enlightened materialism of objectivist modernists
such as W.C. Williams and George Oppen, lamenting the missed
chance of a “plausible religion,” Self Storage recalls us to the
urgent adjacency of our physical world, to the telling particulars
and contingencies of our lives as individuals.

John Pass’s most recent book, Stumbling In The Bloom
(Oolichan Books, 2005) won the Governor General’s Award
for poetry in 2006.

Visit: www.harbourpublishing.com/author/JohnPass

      . . . Everything fits in the stall
or the climatized container. The boat

out of the wind, Dad’s guns leaning.
Mum’s sideboard. My generation’s

sidebar: all we won’t let go of
or what won’t go into the basement

or there is no basement to the condo.
No Freudian crawlspace, Perls in the attic.

     © John Pass, 2011

Cover Image: detail from Giotto’s The Last Judgement,
the Scrovegni Chapel, Padua.

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