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September 2009
Patrick M. Pilarski
ISBN 978-1-926655-02-4
4.25 by 5 inches
Scarlet fly sheets

104 pages $16.95

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Huge Blue

by Patrick Pilarski

A collection of short-form travel sketches—contemporary haiku, tanka, haibun, tanka prose, senryu, and quatrains—Huge Blue is a poetic tour guide to Canada’s stunning western landscape. Using precise and direct language, the poems in Huge Blue form junction points between humanity and wilderness under a vaulting expanse of sky.

Patrick Pilarski’s spare poems shape a pointillist map of the west, placing dot by dot exactly on the large canvas of place and emotion. His poems locate “the quiet point a hook can never reach” with lyric exactness and flashes of sly fun.
—Alice Major

Patrick M. Pilarski is the co-editor of DailyHaiku, an international journal of English-language haiku, and poetry editor for its new sister publication DailyHaiga. Patrick's work has appeared in journals and anthologies across North America, Europe, Australia, and Japan, and he is the author of one chapbook of experimental haiku and haibun: Five Weeks. Huge Blue is his first full-length collection. Recent publication credits include The Antigonish Review, Carousel, Literary Review of Canada, Modern Haiku, The New Quarterly, and PRISM international. Patrick's poetry has also been broadcast on CBC Radio One as part of the CBC Poetry Face-off. While writing Huge Blue, Patrick was a Ph.D. candidate in computer engineering at the University of Alberta, studying the use of computer intelligence and machine vision for rapid cancer testing. He lives in Edmonton with his partner, poet Nicole Pakan.

Patrick M. Pilarski has a website at www.pilarski.ca.
Alice Major's website is at www.alicemajor.com.
Cover design and photography: Patrick M. Pilarski.
Author's photo by Linda Pilarski.
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