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Oct 2010 | 5.5 x 8.5 | 68 pp | 978-1-926655-11-6 | $15.95

Falling Season

Poetry by Beth Kope

this is a quietly stunning book: Betsy Warland

Beth Kope:

The very nature of Lewy Body, the form of dementia that my mother had, is fluid. Her symptoms changed from day to day. Before her diagnosis, it was extremely difficult to explain or handle this fluctuation which also encompassed hallucinations and paranoia.

This disease pared her down. It shredded her to the most basic. Unrestrained anger. Unrestrained love.

My mother slipped from someone who demanded a thousand musts and shoulds to someone I could love. This woman, remembered for her judgements (be friendly with all, intimate with none, always wear pantyhose, put on your face, choose china for your wedding, enunciate, dress for success) somehow, while losing most of her self, returned to the woman hidden behind judgements, beyond my recollections.

This manuscript is built on the narrative of my mother’s illness from which all diversions and tangents spring; my own memories of childhood, my agony and sadness watching her fierce battle with her losses, and my mistakes and challenges while trying to meet her needs and support other family members.

After her death, I found an unfamiliar black and white photo of my mother. She was holding a book, standing near a tree, looking down, but aware of the camera, softly smiling, showing her romantic spirit, and I recognized this girl, not having seen her before. I do.

About the Author:

Beth Kope has lived in Alberta, Quebec, Australia and finds herself at home in Victoria, B.C., along with two grown and independent daughters, her husband and lovely dogs. She has worked as a special education teacher with autistic adolescents and adults, as a researcher, volunteer coordinator, contract writer and now supports students at Camosun College.

Cover image:
Dymchurch Beach © Tina Mammoser

Author’s Photo captured by Maureen

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