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Monday's Poem

© 2013 Tina Biello

Tina Biello was born in Lake Cowichan B.C., the child of immigrants from Casacalenda. One of four Italian families in this small logging town, Tina grew up very aware of her lineage and her roots.

Her poems have appeared in chapbooks edited by Patrick Lane. Tina also has a long background in theatre as an actor, playwright and performer. She teaches Commedia dell'Arte and has written a children's play about Autism called The Indigo Kids.

Her chapbook Momenti (Leaf Press, 2010) was shortlisted for the Bressani Prize at the Vancouver Italian Cultural Centre.

"Stuck with Lucky, Short-Necked Stubby" is from her book called A Housecoat Remains, forthcoming from Guernica, Spring 2015.


Stuck with Lucky, Short-Necked Stubby

It's Thursday. Pasta night.
Sugo simmers in the pot all day.
The doorbell rings.
Shirley's here for beer and
a plate of Mamma Pina's pasta.
She wafts in, hair coiffed,
smells of fresh perfume, a hint of
hairspray and stale smoke.
Cigarette glows between her nails,
showing off her recent manicure.
Oh, Peter, good to see you.
Thought I'd come by for a visit. Oh look at the time, you are just about to eat –
The Italian Mamma in the house
is polite, has to do what's right,
offers her guest some food.
Pete grumbles under his breath.
He won't relinquish his homemade wine
so orders the youngest to go get Shirley
'n'a beera'.
He figures this 'mangia cake' won't understand the
sacrilege of beer and pasta.
The youngest returns to the kitchen.
Steam rises from pasta plates set.
Shirley sits at the head.
Thank-you dear.
Ah, Lucky beer, my favourite.
Buon Appetit.


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