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© 2013 Franci Louann

Franci Louann’s publishing started with five poems in Dorothy Livesay’s last anthology (Womans’ Eye from Air) in the seventies. Franci’s most recent inclusion is in Jack Layton: Art in Action (Quattro Books, ed. by Penn Kemp). Coming soon is her poem in Beautiful Women, ed. by Janet Vickers of Lipstick Press. That same press published Franci’s poetry chapbook, Beach Cardiology, in 2010.
         This busy gal manages Poetic Justice events in New Westminster. She established Horse of Course Press in 2006. Her poems have won prizes.

“Ambrosia” has been ‘published’ on the bulletin board at the Liberty Bakery at Main and 21st for about ten years. It has had various notes posted on or near it, by the owner—‘This stays here.’ ‘No posters over this one.’ It is my gift to the owners, Liberty and Gunnar Gustafson, who are ninety or near. They reopened here, due to popular demand, after closing ‘Elsie’s Bakery’ in Kitsilano.
The poem won Honourable Mention at the Words on Robson Poetry Contest in 2006.


if there were a heaven
they would serve feta-
and-artichoke panini
like I get at the Liberty Bakery

there would be no dusting     in heaven

if there were a heaven
for dessert we would have
almond custard coffee cake
like they serve at the Liberty Bakery

calories wouldn’t matter     in heaven

there would be a fine art show
there would be no paperwork
except poetry

in heaven it would always be     summer

we would drink iced lattés
and pitchers
of lemonade
like we do at the Liberty Bakery

and there shall be no
(insert your own expletive)
dusting     in heaven!