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Monday's Poem

© 2011 Samantha Lord

Jack Layton

I'd seen him many times before,
admired his determination, always incredible, but now
             unearthly, supernatural, saintly.
Leaning on his cane as we lean on him,
then lifting it to the sky, up to our better selves,
resisting all pulls to fall. Holding onto possibility,
             marking us with light.


Samantha Lord has lived in Windsor, Ontario, since her parents divorced when she was five years old. The overarching theme of her life has been transcending circumstances, and overcoming obstacles. Spirituality and self-awareness are of utmost importance to her. After secondary school, she attended the University of Windsor for undergraduate and graduate degrees in English, as well as her Bachelor of Education. She also has a CERTESL certificate from the University of Saskatchewan. She is currently working as a research assistant, and also does freelance copyediting.