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"Storms and Women" is from Flesh in the Inkwell: poems from a writer's life (Leaf Press, 2010)

© 2010 Winona Baker

Winona Baker’s work is in more than seventy anthologies in North America, New Zealand, Japan and Europe, including The Haiku World: An International Poetry Almanac (Kodanshu International 97: 621 poets from 52 countries writing in 25 languages), and has been translated into Japanese, French, Greek, Croatian, Romanian, Yugoslavian. Her work is archived in the Haiku Museum, Tokyo; the Basho Museum, Yamagata; the American Haiku Archives in California, and the Haiku Collection in the Fraser-Hickson Library Montreal.


Storms and Women

Thunder with his moving stirs / the brain …
S.K. Heninger

Last night’s storm
no namby pamby one

Not some picknose event
like fireworks before
Nanaimo’s Bathtub Race

Shee-eet—at midnight
a thunderous racket
wild lightning to the horizon

Our storm—whacking off
light and decibels
would’ve done Jove proud or
turned him pea-green with envy

There were rains so heavy it seemed
every horse in the world was
pissin’ over Nanaimo

Soldier Kruss you should’a been here
Coming home from war you said
Storms and women are
the best things in life
you shouldn’t miss either

Near nine the jig was up and
there was enough blue
to make a Dutchman’s britches